Scene:….. Afghanistan … time … present …

Newly posted Captain walking round camp notes a camel, a ladder and a corporal…

“Corporal Jenkins” “Yes, Sir” “What’s that camel for?” “Well Sir, the men…. they have urges.” “Urges?” “Yes Sir, urges, there are 250 blokes here and no women” “I see, and the ladder?” “It helps them get up to the camel” “Ahhh…” “Well, where needs must…”

After 6 weeks the Captain starts to have urges of his own. He walks past Corporal Jenkins and the camel again.

“Hello Jenkins, are you well?” “Yes thank you Sir”. I had an urge myself by the way…” “Really Sir?” “Yes” “Righto Sir” “Yes, I used the ladder, climbed up and had a bash at the camel” “What Sir, I don’t get your drift” “You know, had a bit of tiffin with the old dromedary” “what sir?” “The camel man, the camel… I climbed the bloody ladder and gave it a good seeing too…”

“My god Sir! The men use it to ride to the brothel in town.”

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