Now THIS is a creepy-crawly! Meet the bright green spider that looks just like the clown in Stephen King’s horror film ‘It’

If you’re scared of spiders – or clowns – look away now, because here’s a creature that couldn’t be more frightening if it tried.

This bright green spider bears a startling resemblance to the terrifying clown in Stephen King’s hit 1990 horror film It.

The spider, which belongs to the thomisidae family, was captured by Ukranian photographer Igor Ryabov.

Mr Ryabov, 44, a full time engineer has been experimenting with macro photography for the past three years and spotted the crab spider near to his house in a spot where he often heads to practice his macro photography.

Mr Ryabov said: ‘When I first came across the spider I thought it was just going to be my usual macro shot and there didn’t seem anything particularly unusual about the spider

‘I didn’t notice its strange features.

‘This is the first time I’ve ever spotted a spider like this so now each time I go out taking pictures I’m constantly looking out to see if I’ll come across this spider again because it was such an unusual sighting.

‘The first time I looked back at the picture it struck me that this looked like a sad clown.

‘I was even more stunned to see how it looked on my computer screen because it was almost as if somebody had drawn the features on with a pen.’

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