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There are so many amazing things in the world, Do you even know about a few of them ? Its okay. We will show you the best of the Amazing things in the world, and that too in style. You will love it, thats a promise 🙂 Please share the posts If you like.

Amazing Things in The World fanpage has seen an amazing growth in the last twelve months with over 1.2 million followers.  An enviable achievement by any standards … so what are these guys doing right that so many people fail to achieve?

We asked the owner…

Tell us a bit about you – where you’ve lived, what you’ve done, your interests etc

I am Vinay Singhal, Founder and Director of Vatsana Technologies (which is our company name). We are based in Chennai, India. Amazing Things In The World is a part of Vatsana Technologies. I am doing my Engineering in Computer Science Engineering which will be finished by May 2013. I am a passionate entrepreneur who loves to challenge the things the way they exist.


Members of the Team – Left to Right: Vinay Singhal, Vinit Yadav, Vijay VJ, Piyush Raj, Saurabh Sah, Olurotimi Abraham, Raman Kumar, Parveen

Members of the Team – Left to Right: Vinay Singhal, Vinit Yadav, Vijay VJ, Piyush Raj, Saurabh Sah, Olurotimi Abraham, Raman Kumar, Parveen

Can you tell us about your company.

The company was started 3 years back and got incorporated in July 2011. We started as a services based web development company which we have stopped now. Now our company specialize in social media marketing specially facebook pages where we own a number of pages and our products which are basically build upon those facebook pages communities only.

Do you have any other websites?

No, None as of now. But we own other facebook pages. Here is the link another big page on facebook that we own –

Talk about a time that you took a risk and failed, and one where you took a risk and succeeded. What was the difference?

Talking about the risk, I think we do that everyday. New things has to be tried all the time and there is always a risk involved. We do perform a lot of experiments on our page, with content, with response to fans, with starting different series, way to improve our reach etc. Some of them are successful and most of them are not.

We started a series on our page called “Language Learning” where everyday we used to post a word to our fans and ask them to “How do you say this in your local language?” The post was an instant hit. We used get a lot of response on that post. Even people used to message us the next work which they wanted on the page.

The same way, we started a series called “Quote of the day” where we posted a quotation related to inspiration, travel etc. The series was a complete failure. The got a lot of messages where people asked us to stick to what we do best and not post any quotes on the page.

Tell me about one of your proudest moments.

Reach 1 million fan is one of the proudest moment for the whole team. Other than that, everyday there will be messages from fans who tell us to continue what we are doing because according to them we are helping a lot of people, and I do not think so that there is any better feeling that reading those messages.

What do you want for your business from now, and how does this position help you get there?

We are planning a startup based on the facebook community we have which will help us grow our mission of “making people smile everyday” bigger and better.

The website will be called as Every Story [] and will be launched very soon. The moment we launch our website, we will have around 1.5 million users already waiting for that content, and to launch your website to that many users on the first day is a huge thing in itself.

What 3 things do you need to be successful on Facebook? What are the deal killers?

1. Original and Quality content, there is no alternative to that.

2. Pictures work better than anything (status and videos) on facebook pages.

3. You must be very interactive and emotionally connected to your users. Do not make them feel that some computer is running the page. The human feeling always work.

How do you monetize Amazing Things in the World?

Currently, we are not monetizing it at all.

How did you get Amazing Things started?

It was last year in April, when I saw a picture of a very beautiful building on my brother’s facebook (who is also a part of our team) which was posted by a page meant for “interesting buildings” and that was the moment I asked a question to myself, there are so many beautiful things, so much positivity, so many inspiring stories out there in the world, Do we even know about them? Why only buildings (that page was about only buildings), why not everything else?

I put forward the idea to my brother, he likes it and we made the page instantly. And so here we are!

Do you post updates or is it outsourced?

We post updates manually, each one of them.

Where do you find material?

In starting, we used to search for the material on facebook or google. But now, we have a million users. They always some demands, suggestions, a lot of photographers who keep sending their pics and then we have dedicated review and research team who always work on the content and find the stories worth posting.

Do you ever worry about copyright issues?

Yes, I do. This is very serious issue and can be very harmful for us. Even facebook takes the copyrights issue very seriously. But then now we have made a lot of efforts to reduce the risk.

We post most of the content from our fans, photographers. We try to find the owner of the picture before posting it and get the permission for the post and also we look for the content which is actually available to post and not protected under any copyrights.

What have you done differently to other Facebook publishers to gain such a large following so quickly?

See the 3 points (above) which every publisher must follow, and that’s all we did. We had some help from other pages which were doing good at that time and helped us get initial 40-50k users.

Is there any words of wisdom or a great insight you can share with our readers about your success?

I consider my successful as of now but there is lot left of achieve. Where ever I am today, I am because of my passion and I dared to follow it.

When you have something which excites you more than anything in the world and when you are ready to give the highest priority to something in your life, its your passion and one should never fear in following it. Success can be a little delayed, but it will come, eventually and definitely!

Plans for the future is the plan. We are expecting a (delayed due to some reasons) launch in mid march. You can expect something awesome coming up very soon from us.

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