Driving Dogs :: Can You Teach A Dog To Drive?

dog-driving-car-0808-lg-86831827The New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is learning dogs how to drive in a bid to change the public’s perception on the intelligence of rescue dogs.

This is a serious question that the Auckland SPCA in New Zealand is attempting to answer.

Everyone knows that dogs are pretty smart animals. They can read body language, learn and follow commands and display an almost human-like quality of emotions at times. But that doesn’t mean that dogs are smart enough, have the reasoning capability or the quick decision-making skills to drive a car (though, I could probably argue the same for some humans).

But that isn’t stopping the Auckland SPCA from trying! Using simulators, employees at the shelter are attempting to teach a few dogs some new tricks. In partnership with Mini, the purpose behind teaching these dogs this mostly useless tricks is to show how smart dogs can be and how you should adopt a smart dog.

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