World’s Most Bizarre Laws

The world is full of strange and absurd laws and traditions, especially the United States, but other countries are not far behind. Here’s a dozen of the strangest laws from around the world.

1.The city, where you are not allowed to die.

If you plan to live forever, you go to a remote Norwegian town Longyearbyen where dying is illegal. This is due to the fact that the bodies in the permafrost do not decompose. The cemetery was closed to new burials 70 years ago. So if anyone seriously ill, they are immediately sent on the plane to the mainland where people can easily meet their end without any problems from the law.

2. Spitting chewing gum on the ground.

In Singapore you can put behind bars because of chewing gum. The ban on chewing gum was introduced in 1992. The only exception is for nicotine gum, but that all depends on the prosecution’s mood.

3. Indelicate delicacy

In Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia, many people love fruit called durian, which has a very pleasant nutty and creamy taste. However, local laws prohibit eating this delicacy in public places, buses, subways, hotels, airports, etc. The durian has a remarkably smelly odor; it’s a mixture of garlic, rotting fish and sewage, so you can see why it’s not allowed to be consumed in public.

4. I will not pay, why?, I didn’t feel like it!

In any Denmark restaurant you have every right not to pay for dinner, if you felt that the meal was not fulfilling enough. The quality standard of food is irrelevant.

5. The ban on obesity

In Japan, being fat is illegal. Japan has less than 5% of it’s population who are obese, compared to America’s 35%. Japanese legislators introduced this law in 2009 where they specified the maximum waist size. In men, older than 40 years the waist should not exceed 80 cm, in women 90 cm.

6. Do not go in Thailand without underwear

Thailand is tolerant to exotic sexuality and yet this country prohibits individuals to leave their house without underwear and drive a car without a shirt. It is also illegal to walk on money, due the insult of walking on the king’s face (money) … it’s possible to be jailed for 15 years.

7. Do not run naked in Kenya

Imagine this: You are on safari in Kenya and suddenly your guide suddenly rips off her clothes and starts to run in the nude. If you would like to do the same – better refrain. Only Kenyan people can run naked in Kenya, for foreigners there is a strict ban.

8. Look under the car in Denmark

In Denmark, you have to look under your car before you start the engine to make sure that no child or any living creature is sleeping under it.

9. Endure until the morning in Switzerland

If you live in an apartment building in Switzerland, then you have no right to flush the toilet after 10 pm.

10. Do not wear camouflage in Trinidad and Tobago

In Trinidad and Tobago it is illegal to wear camouflage because locals may confuse you for the military. Only military are allowed to wear camouflage.

11. Law against aliens

According to the “Law on the open space”, adopted in 1986, the British Foreign Secretary has the right to use “reasonable force” to prevent an aliens parking on the British land – unless they have license. If the aliens have exhibited the required document, then they can freely park their flying saucers in the country.

12. Alcohol laws

In St. Louis, you can not drink beer. In Chicago, you can be arrested for drinking alcohol on the streets. In the city of Topeka the law prohibits wine serving in a teacup. In Saskatchewan (province in Canada), there is one law to protect drinking – it is forbidden to drink water in beer pubs.

And finally …. In Uganda it is mandatory to wear a crash helmet unless you’re a woman and you’re returning from the hairdressers … then you can cover your head with a bag!

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