Here comes another head-spinning luxury smartphone crafted by an England-based luxury goods company Stuart Hughes. Featuring a spotless 26-carat black single deep cut diamond, the new iPhone 5 Black Diamond edition has just officially joined the cluster of the world’s most luxurious smartphones to date, along with the iPhone 4 History Edition, Goldstriker iPhone 3G Supreme, iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose, iPhone 4 Supreme Diamond Rose and the iPhone 4S Elite Gold.
Mega rich iPhone lovers out there must be so delighted to get a share of such an exclusively hewed iPhone, embedded with at least 600 flawless white diamonds and dressed with a solid gold housing. Marking the device’s patent is also another uniquely designed Apple logo, located at the back of the handset, flashing in solid gold and with 53 flawless diamonds ingrained in it. Completing such glitzy design is the iPhone’s home button, which is also said to be made up of a 26-carat black diamond.

With this entire sparkling scheme, the newly revamped Black Diamond iPhone 5 also comes with a mega price; hence it is deemed the most expensive iPhone in the world thus far – currently being offered on general sale on the company’s official website for just $10 million.

Those who have been yearning to own a smartphone that is laced with all the diamonds and gold, and with that kind of money in their pockets to pay for such device will finally get it this time. Meanwhile, Hughes is also offering a 24-carat gold iPhone 5 for a starting price of $4,000 and a rose-gold version at around $5,300 – as available choices for those who cannot afford to pay the $10 million price tag.

[via StuartHughes]

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