A call to action


‘A call to action’: The vast sculpture carved from DRIFTWOOD with a message about how man holds the world’s fate his hands

• Sculptor Paul Baliker, 59, spent six months crafting his 13ft by 13ft masterpiece
• It is made entirely from cedar driftwood collected around the Gulf of Mexico

Teeming with wildlife like deer, giraffes, monkeys and dolphins, this sculpture bursts with the beauty of the natural world.

At the centre, inexorably linked to each constituent part, is a man. He holds a globe in his hand to represent our dominant species’ unique duties as custodians of the planet.
Crafted entirely from driftwood, the vast, thought-provoking masterpiece was created by sculptor Paul Baliker, 59, who describes it as a ‘call to action’.

‘I started out sculpting to put food on the table, I never dreamt of where it would lead,’ he said.
‘I hope that people can see the environmental message I attempt to portray, and perhaps think hard about the impact man has on the natural world.

‘I attempt to create one major environment statement a year, always on a massive scale.
‘It is my contribution to a better planet.’

Mr Baliker spent six months creating his masterpiece. Using chainsaws, sanders and rotary grinders, he carefully carved each element from cedar driftwood collected around the Gulf of Mexico

‘The sculpture had been on my mind for the past 15 years,’ he said.
‘For me to be able to put it together took vision, the material, as well as ability, time and desire,’

The sculpture, called A Matter Of Time, measures a massive 13ft by 13ft, dwarfing its creator, who says it’s been warmly received.

‘I have seen tears in some viewer’s eyes,’ he said. ‘I wanted this sculpture to focus around mankind, since in this sculpture he holds the fate of the planet in his hands.
‘The sculpture is a call to action.’


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