10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Blueberries


Blueberries are refreshing, thirst-quenching and deliciously sweet. As fruits go, blueberries are among the most nuanced. Some love blueberries while others steer clear, but one thing’s for sure; true blueberry lovers never get bored of them.

Blueberries are a taste sensation and can bring desserts and salad’s alive. Blueberry pie and blueberry-topped cheesecake are ranked favourites worldwide. So taste is one reason to keep blueberries in your diet, here are 10 more:

1. Blueberries help the brain. Memory loss that comes with age is resisted by these tiny fruits. Memory is improved, and by extension we retain more of what we learn. It’s a smart little berry!

2. Stay young by eating your 5-a-day. The free-radicals responsible for our aging are resisted by blueberries. In effect we have the power to slow down the aging process, which makes blueberries a fountain of youth.

3. The antioxidants found in blueberries have been known to give us softer skin- blueberry moisturiser anyone?

4. Similar to cranberries, blueberries can help to keep your bladder healthy by fighting bacteria that would otherwise make it more difficult to pass water.

5. Blueberries are packed with vitamins A, B, C, and E (along with selenium and zinc), which all contribute to a healthier, stronger immune system.

6. Vision. Sadly carrots don’t help us see better in the dark, but blueberries can fight visual loss. Cataracts are statistically less likely among people who include blueberries in their diet.

7. High metabolism and loss of beer belly- blueberries build our food processing abilities. You know how the weight you lost aged 20 didn’t go nearly as easily aged 30? Well, blueberries can help!

8. As the cardiac muscles are strengthened and the high fibre counters the cholesterol, blueberries are heart-friendly little nippers.

9. Constipation is a common problem but one that’s beaten by a high fibre diet, so get munching those blueberries.

10. The final trick? Blueberries have the ability to stop tumours from developing. The free-radical cells seen with aging can also be associated with cancer, so when aging is thrown out the window, cancer soon follows.

As with everything, blueberries are only part of the solution. An active lifestyle and healthy diet are also required to fight off any nasties, but be sure to add this wonder fruit to your shopping list!

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