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Got Something Weird, Funny or Inspirational You Want to Share?

If you are smart, funny or creative Bubonik is the greatest opportunity you will ever come across in your life.

No CVs, No interviews, No experience necessary!

Your work could be seen by millions of people if it’s shared virally. We need articlesphotoshopsinfographics and videos. Take your pick.

The World’s Most Infectious, Contagious Viral Stuff … Share it and Watch the Plague Spread

Go on … Share it!

Got something weird, funny, inspirational?

Upload it, add a short message and a link to your site or a short bio & Bubonik will share it with the world.

Got a great picture?

Each day we’ll pick the best and bang it on The Wall for even more exposure … So what are you waiting for??? Get uploading NOW!

Bubonik is a beautiful clean and simple place that’s NOT cluttered by junk and lets you see what’s popular and trending on the various social networks.

Our teams scour the web daily looking for the very best posts; the very best weird, wonderful, inspirational and funny stuff from Facebook, You Tube and other places. … no trash here … only stuff to make you smile, weep and go ‘whooooaaah!’

We hope you love us and tell your friends!

viral funCheck out the HIGHLY INFECTIOUSMost Viral‘ categories to see what’s trending and going viral.  We post stuff that’s gone ballistic generating thousands of comments and shares. Feel free share them on your pages and see if they spread like the plague again!

You’ll be surprised at what goes viral…

Bubonik is the greatest place in the world where creators get to showcase their work. Unlike ordinary fun and inspirational sites which are full of disturbing ads, Bubonik aims at spreading happiness to the world in an elegant, uncluttered way.

Share the Love

Bubonik has no multi-million dollar marketing campaign or celebrity sponsors, but we do have something even better – YOU!

Spend your coffee break, or quite times relaxing by browsing through the collections and if you enjoy Bubonik please consider spreading the plague and SHARE it with the world … or a friend … they’ll love and thank you for it!

And as for you creative people out there … simply upload your wild, whacky and motivational stuff and so long as there’s no rubish, we’ll post it for the world to see.

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