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Ever Wondered Just What Goes Viral on the Social Networks?

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Well you’ll never be able to second-guess that’s for sure!

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Viral Posts on Social Networks

Just look at the unprecedented success of that loathsome record by PSY of Korea, Gangnam Style! With over one BILLION views in under six months on Youtube no one can argue that this is a staggering example of the power of social networking. You can bet there are teams of people all over the world studying the formula, but the fact is they will never repeat the viral properties to anywhere near the extent of the original.

Having said that we can learn from looking and studying posts.

We run several relatively busy Facebook pages and twitter feeds and what we’ve found over twelve months of research is that some posts seem to generate comment, likes and interaction whenever they are posted.

They’re not always pretty and we’re often surprised at what spreads. The amazing thing is though, that if a post goes viral on one post the pattern seems to repeated on the others.

The key appears to be engagement and a striking or entertaining image.. a post that simply begs to be shared, liked or commented upon.

In our Virals category we only list what has gone viral on several of our social media pages. Tried and tested status updates and we reproduce them on Bubonik as soon as we see a viral trend.

We reproduce the title exactly as it appeared in the post. You’ll find that a lot of the time the headline makes a vast difference. A question, a call to action, a blatent invitation for engagement. if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

There appears to be no hard and fast rules so we simply put the posts here for you to study and discuss.

Feel free to use any of the examples … and it would be nice to give Bubonik a mention where you can 😉

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